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Instagram, one of the upcoming social platform which promises amazing business leads. Not everyone knows about the Instagram marketing tools available at your disposal whenever you needed them. Here you go with some of the key Instagram Marketing tools that you can use to enhance your business.

  1. Instagram Business Profiles. This one is the most important business feature of Instagram. As you convert your personal profile into business profile you get control over your content and profiles. Through business profile, you also get access to the insights of your posts performance. You can also add a button for followers to contact you from your profile through email or phone, whatever is your preferred mode of communication. If you are looking after local business, you can even add your location on the profile itself, so as to drive relevant customers.

  1. Instagram Direct. With this tool, you can easily manage requests and conversations between you and your clients.Instagram Direct is a nice to have one to one chats with your customers and direct them to your website. This is one of easiest way to answer the customer queries, eventually increasing your sales figures.

  2. Instagram Shopping.This feature was added recently by Instagram. Using Instagram shopping you can add new functionality to your images so you can provide information about your products. Besides, it also have a “shop now” button, which allow users to make direct purchases from your website.

  1. Instagram Stories. In most of the cases Instagram Stories is a great option for businesses. Through Instagram Stories you can give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business, success stories, launch of new products, sales figures and much more. This is a quickest way to reach your followers and showcase your business.

Now, you are familiar with some of the best Instagram marketing tools that you have to enhance your business on this platform. Watch out this space for information on how you can use them to be successful.

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How to use Instagram Marketing Tools to Be Successful in Business
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